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Regular loans work all the same: you request the funds from the lender and if they are approved, they are deposited in a matter of days. However, all this process can take more time than usual and you might need funds quite frequently. If this is the case, operating lines of credit might be a better idea. But how do you know when you need them? And how do they work in the first place?


To begin with, operating lines of credit are very similar to credit cards. You have a specific amount or sum of money available and you can use it anytime in parts or completely. Once you repay the sum you have used, you will have the balance available again and so on. The system of having your credit increased also works the same as credit cards.

Now, why would you choose it over traditional loans? Because they might be more useful when you do not require large sums of money that go over $500,000, and you have more opportunities to have them approved. Companies might not consider the most of the time since when they request loans, they are trying to go for a large investment that can be paid in longer periods of time.

Meanwhile, operating lines of credit are more short-term loans that must be repaid accordingly to the interest rates and the time established for payment. Therefore, you can separate traditional loans and them quite easily: the first ones are long-term in most cases while lines of credit work with short-terms.

Who provides operating lines of credit in Florida?

Overall, banks and financing groups do not have them available since it is not of great benefit. As a result, you have to rely on private lending companies that are not bad at all but rather the opposite: they tend to offer better terms and conditions for these credits and other loans.

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Tallahassee, we are able to offer this financing option to both companies and particulars. You only need to comply with the requirements we establish for most cases but keep in mind they can vary depending on your needs, the sum of money requested, and how the credit will work for you:

  • Your credit score.
  • Financial records.
  • The sum of money required.
  • How do you plan to use the funds?
  • If you have any active credit cards and other types of loans.
  • If it is for personal or business purposes.
  • Collateral in case you do not meet the payments and conditions established.

You are welcome to ask our team any questions before applying for the credit and any member will be more than happy to answer them. Keep in mind that we are private lenders, which means we offer better terms and conditions that include lower interest rates and fixed ones, higher LVR and LTV ratios, and much more. Therefore, whenever you decide to use these operating lines of credit and have us Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Tallahassee as the providers, expect the best deals either if you are a business or particular.

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