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$1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan

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One of the most difficult requirements for some companies and particulars when considering loans is being able to provide collateral that fits the amount of money they are requesting, especially if it is a large sum. However, an option like a $1 million dollar unsecured loan exists and you might be able to access it without worrying about the previous requirement.

First, are you aware of what unsecured loans are? They are the opposite of secured loans which are the usual ones that require collateral for the borrower to apply for them in the first place.

$1 million dollar unsecured loan-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Tallahassee

Since they are the opposite, unsecured loans do not need collateral for you to apply and instead, the lender will rely on your creditworthiness. It is common to have two situations going on:

  1. You have collateral to offer to the lenders but your credit score is awful.
  2. Or, you might have an excellent credit score but no collateral to offer.

For the latest, unsecured loans are the best solution since credit score is all that matters and when we say there is no need to provide collateral, it is entirely true. You do not have to give a small one or any of the sort, just rely on how your creditworthiness will get you the funds. Now, since this is all about trust and your responsibility, not many lending institutions are willing to offer these loans, even less one such as a $1 million dollar unsecured loan. For them, it is just impossible.

Therefore, when you start looking for one, do not expect over 90% of banks and similar lenders to have the option available. Instead, you will have to rely on private lending companies and even the options are very limited when it comes to them.

In Tallahassee and all over Leon County, it may not be too hard to find a few lenders but you need to determine if the other terms and conditions offered by them are fair and something you can afford. In our company, Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Tallahassee, we are able to offer you the $1 million dollars unsecured loan you are looking for, and the best part is that we not only have fewer requirements than usual but also better terms—leaving aside the usual collateral.

We keep our word and make sure to rely on your creditworthiness more than anything else, which is why the rest of the requirements in our company include your credit score but also financial records, annual revenue, and the basic information about your finances or business. As for our terms and conditions, it is natural for us to increase our interest rates since collateral is not provided, but we do not exceed ourselves with them and do our best to keep the rate we establish as a fixed one during the time the loan lasts—your loan term.

But can you apply for this loan? Do you need to be a business or company? There is no need to worry about all this. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Tallahassee, we allow both businesses and particulars to apply for the loan and obtain the funds to finance different projects and expenses we need to know about during your request.

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